Desert Wind thanks a Higher Power for
Opening this doorway to the wonderful Internet
and allowing this voice to be heard.

Desert Wind thanks Susan Rose,
the dearest of fans, for showing the way!

      "Sarasvati: a Celebration of World Dance" was a true
love effort from Alan Scott Bachman. He devoted three years to this project. When finally produced in 1997, Sarasvati was over five hours long and consisted of FOUR CDs! Today, Sarasvati has been re-created into two 2 CD Sets which are slightly more managable. When the set was FINALLY ready for release, Alan took just a few more minutes to say "thank you."

"There are so many people to thank,
that I will undoubtedly leave one out by mistake.
First of all, there is Jon Nebel.
Jon passed away a couple of years ago and was on on
every other Desert Wind Album. His percussion expertise
contributes to all the albums, including this one.
I owe a lot to Aashish Khan for his musical wisdom,
which has affected my music perhaps more than any other source.

This album led me to my great friends at Ruach Hamidbar, "Spirit of the Desert", including:
Rich Andler, great friend and advisor, Rabbi Ayla Grafstein, a great contributor
to my spiritual wellness and inspiration as well as her husband, Steve Klemow,
and their child, Shlomo; Tasha, Duane, the Ross family, Josh Andler, and especially
my brother, Doc Bachman; as well as all the memebers of Rauch Hamidbar.

Special thanks to the singers on this albums for their time, patience
and putting up with me during the lenghty recording process.
Lindy, Mary, Pinna and Amy are extemely talented and valued
not just as singers, but as friends and good people.

This album took three years to record, I allocated 3 weeks time to mix the album,
and it took me six months to mix! The album took so long, that I met my soulmate
and got married before it was completed. Without Andalin, I am not sure
I could have completed this project (obsession, addiction, spiritual directive, etc.)

During the mixdown, I was taking a break (after I mixed "Amazing Grace")
to go to dinner with Andalin and my step-daughter Sara, and I fell
on the ice and broke my leg completely! I was in surgery
for over 5 hours, and I am still recovering. The love sent to me
by my fans has been really appreciated over the years. It has expecially
helped my healing to know so many have sent encouragement.

Anyway, the point is a lot happened during the production of the album:
the dinosaurs vanished, I got married, broke my leg, got chicken pox,
one drummer moved and got marrried, etc. In any event, the last thing I said
to my wife before I entered surgery was "Sarasvasti". We knew then, that this was
to be the name of the four cd world wide web 3 gigabyte (literally) album.

Thanks to my grandmother, Ida Sanow, now in spirit, for her musical support.
Special thanks to my son Josh, of whom I am very proud of and love very much.
Thanks Josh, for putting up with a Dad who has been and is, musically obsessed.
Thanks to my best friends Rajab Juma and Spencer Baldwin, the greatest
friends one could have. To my friend Susan Rose, Desert Wind Website Manager,
thanks for all your support. Thanks to Doug Adams of Light Rain for his friendship and
contribution. Thanks to Rami Ziadeh for being such a good friend and awesome percussionist,
Thanks to my friend George Grant for all you have done and your great influence on my music.
Thanks to percussionists Leftheri (Larry) Mahlis and Rick (Sneez) Senese,
for all your work and friendship. Thanks to my new children,
Barney and Sara for being so understanding.

Thanks to my mother, Simi, who went to the next world,
but continues to influence this world, including the "Mother of Light " song.

All my love to Andalin, the greatest woman, wife and friend ever.

Art is a hammer, a multimedia prayer, that shapes the common consciousness.
Sarasvati teaches the connection of wisdom and art.
May wisdom guide our creation, like the original creation.
May this music send forth a healing wave that never ends,
and may the Messianic era commence ASAP!
It is up to us!


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