Alan Scott Bachman of Desert Wind Music served as Musical Tribute Chair for
the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, 2009 and 2010
Musical Tribute to the Human Spirit. Please click here for photos.

Finally released, February 11, 2011 for digital downloading:



Please click the MP3 link to read more about this special song and to hear a short sound sample.

Thank you!

May Peace be Upon You (c) 2009 Alan Scott Bachman

May Peace Be Upon You, and Upon You Be Peace.
As-salaam Aleikum, Wa Aleikum As-salaam.
Shalom Aleichem, Aleichem ha Shalom.
Salaam, Nameste, Shalom, Bring Peace

Alan currently serves as Chair of the North American Interfaith Network 2019 - 2020
Alan served as the Chair of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable - 2010 - 2012.

Deseret News Article
Salt Lake Tribune Article
Rehearsal - KSL TV

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