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Enter the Ancient Future BAND RADIO

    ~ a great resource, where your belly dance journey begins!

FINALLY, the source for Ethnic Musical Instruments!
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Desert Wind thanks the web weaver of World Music: Paula Kirman, for cyberspace in the World Fusion section originally at About.Com and retained at INSIDE WORLD MUSIC

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Thanks to Yasmina for introducing Desert Wind to the Middle Eastern Dance Ring! "This Web Ring is intended for students, performers, and teachers of Middle Eastern Dance. Middle Eastern dance covers all forms of dance from the Middle East proper (Morocco to India),
and from as far north as Armenia to the south most tip of the Arabian peninsula."

"Belly dancer Salome"
"Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories,
talent agency directory, jobs available, on-line lessons, articles, and interviews."

SAQRA defines the art of veil in her fabulous new video release!
Wind: World Dance - “Power Flute.” Single veil choreography to Andalin’s (Desert Wind) glorious flute improvisation. Video features important veil technique and step breakdowns of the moves in the choreography that can be used to any music. Over 22 veil moves and variations. Comes with printed step list, choreography step list and tips. Run time: Approx. 2-1/2 hours.

Now there is a Search Engine
for Information about Music! Check it out:

W o r l d r e c o r d s . c o m

Middle Eastern Dance not only exists in Utah,
it is alive and well! Please visit

Are you ready???
Here come's Zaina's new Portal for Cyber Dance Surfing!!!!
(Loaded with great links to the world of music and dance!)

          Yet ANOTHER Bellydance CELEBRATION!
"Zamora's students are trained to dance from the soul,

each student with their own unique free style.
Students are also taught how to listen to music
in order to allow it to guide them . . . " .
Learn more at the home of
Zamora's Caravan.