April 9, 2010: Digital Re-release Celebration!

Digitally remastered, this is the 1991 first ever Aashish Khan sound recording has been reproduced in conjunction with the Inner Voyage World Consort show to benefit the India Cultural Center of Utah.

Besides his virtuosity as a traditional Sarode player, Aashish Khan is also one of the pioneers in the establishment of world music genre, as founder of the Indo-American musical group & Shanti; with tabla player Zakir Hussain in 1969, and later, world music ensembles, The Third Eye and Desert Wind. George Grant of the Drum Talk school joins Alan Scott Bachman of Desert Wind and Aashish Khan in reaching an international audience. The three helped open doors and pave the way for new sounds of this era. Now they are working on the next! Stay tuned for more music from the Inner Voyage World Consort.

From the Liner Notes: "Avant-Raag" is a new style with ancient influences featuring
AASHISH KHAN on the 25 string fretless sarode of North India.
Original compositions and improvisations maintain the purity of
traditional melody forms, known as "raags", but with the
non-traditional development outlines, rhythm cycles and
support instruments. Synthesizers, samplers and
engineering by ALAN SCOTT BACHMAN, and percussion and
effects from around the world by GEORGE GRANT.

Inner Voyage CD
Digital Release Celebration
Aashish Khan, George Grant & Alan Scott Bachman: Inner Voyage


Aashish Khan Eminent Indian classical musician, known for his virtuosity on the Sarode. He was nominated for a Grammy Awardin 2006 in the 'Best World Music' category for his album "Golden Strings of the Sarode". He is also a recipient of Government of India's highest honour in performing arts, the Sangeet Natak Akademi Awarad. Besides being a high-profile performer, composer, and conductor, he is also an adjunct professor of Indian classical music at the California Institute of the Arts and the University of California at Santa Cruz in the U.S.

Because George Harrison wanted to learn from the greatest music Guru at the time, the Beatles went to Aashish's home in India in the 1960s. Said Guru was Aashish's Grandfather: Allaudin Khan (also the Guru or Ravi Shankar, Aashish's Uncle, and Ali Akbar Khan, Aashish's father.) Aashish plays the Sarode with a beauty that is beyond this world. He has also collaborated with such diverse western musicians as John Barham, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Charles Lloyd, John Handy, Alice Coltrane, Emil Richard, Dallas Smith, Don Pope, Jorge Strunz, Ardeshir Farah, the Philadelphia String Quartet and Desert Wind.