Sarasvati: A Celebration of World Dance
This Limited Edition is no longer available, but the musical and artistic ideas born of Sarasvati,
continue to inspire and weave throughout the ongoning work of Alan Scott Bachman and Desert Wind.
Click here for original 1997 reflections and thanks from the artist.

A Four CD Pack!

Artists of all kinds find that Sarasvati mirrors
her name. Sarasvati means the "Flowing One".
She is the Goddess of Knowledge; patron of
learning, eloquence, music, and the arts.

CD One:

CD Two:

CD Three:

CD Four:

"This impressive and ambitious 1997 set, subtitled A Celebration of World Dance,
contains all new music honoring and invoking the Great Goddess.
With world music influences, the collection showcases the ancient feminine wisdom
of Sarasvati, The Goddess of Art and Wisdom. A passionate and exotic combining
of ancient and modern instrumentation, it includes both instrumentals for dance
as well as beautiful chants and vocals for meditation and healing.

Emphasizing the feminine and Goddess-oriented aspects of the Hebrew Bible,
the album also boasts a myriad of cultural and spiritual traditions including
Native American, Spanish, African, Kabbalah, Celtic, Hindu-Buddhist, Arabic,
and even a percussive rendition of Amazing Grace! Almost 5 hours of music
-- 4 long CD's for the price of 2 -- highly recommended!"
~ As Reviewed by Ladyslipper Catalog.

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