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Return to the Goddess-Chants & Song

"This group just keeps getting better and better!

"[Desert Wind] continues to honor and revere the Goddess. They include Z. Budapest's, from The Goddess Chant, which anyone who's attended a women's spirituality gathering would probably recognize, and the amazing Goddess Dance Cycle. The music is a bit more acoustic in feeling, with lots of percussion, while maintaining the contemporary feel of the earlier recordings.

Highly recommended!" ~as reviewed by Music by Design

DESERT WIND Return to the Goddess (ASB)

           "New Thought and the Goddess religion unite on an album brimming with passion and life. Through well-written holistic lyrics and chants, the group creates a vibrant aural environment suitable for ritual dancing or energizing activities. Lead singers Kathryn Warner and Kristen Gygi spread the word over a delicious tribal fusion created primarily by the multi-talented Alan Bachman. Infectious world rhythms underscore the fact that Goddess worship thrived around the globe for thousands of years before the Crone was dethroned by the age of separation . . . so the listener can also celebrate the feminine reawakening. Highly recommended."

~ PJ's Picks "New Age Music News & Reviews" by PJ Birosik

The Spirituality of *The Return to the Goddess*
is shared by Alan in the lyrics

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