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on both of these two CDs.
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World Dance

Two CD Set for the price of one!

~ A "brilliant collection" of WORLD MUSIC.

CD One: Songs, time and rhythm names listed:
CD Two: Songs, time and rhythm names listed:

"Beautifully produced, and engineered, this CD is a 2 CD set that bases
the songs on the Rhythm and Country of Origin of the Rhythm. The end result is a
beautiful CD full of moving, touching, tribal rhythms that will affect anyone
who listens to it. Somehow, they songs, sounds, and rhythms
touch a deeper core... a more basic instinct, of something a long time ago....
. I love haunting, bittersweet selections, and find so many on this brilliant collection.
Desert Wind is: Alan Scott and Andalin Bachman, Doug Adams,
George Grant, Brett Angus Bowen, Rajab Juma, Rami Ziadeh,
and Amy Schuster. I chose track two on CD one, "Celt-itelli,"
and track 10, "Sage Dancer." Please listen, and then own this wonderful set.
Total time :2:31:24" (These soundclips can be heard at Air Music.)
~ Online review ~ by Mark Kastle

"World Dance is a double CD that contains over 2 hours
of rhythmical, enchanting music. As a handy reference,
the 32 songs are listed on the back cover
along with the names of the world rhythms. World Dance combines
melodic, passionate melodies with exotic and moving rhythms.

Instrumentation includes a unique blend of flutes, mandolins,
dumbeks, tablas, pianos, guitars, violins and more.
CD one is instrumental, while CD 2 includes gorgeous
female vocals on songs ranging from the Om Tara chant to the beautiful
Latin American song La Llorona."
~ Reviewed by Ladyslipper

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