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Presenting... Reb Léah's Wings & Presenting Aashish Khan's Inner Voyage
On Wings of Shekhinah                  
Inner Voyage
(Guided Meditations with music by Desert Wind)
  (Finally mastered for Digital Distribution, 1991 Release in 2010!)

Original Return to the Goddess (Now Available on CD)
Sarasvati: A Celebration of World Dance (4 CD Set)

World Dance (2 CD Set)
Online review by Mark Kastle

"Beautifully produced, and engineered, this CD is a 2 CD set that bases the songs on the Rhythm and Country of Origin of the Rhythm. The end result is a beautiful CD full of moving, touching, tribal rhythms that will affect anyone who listens to it. Somehow, they songs, sounds, and rhythms touch a deeper core... a more basic instinct, of something a long time ago.... . I love haunting, bittersweet selections, and find so many on this brilliant collection. Desert Wind is: Alan Scott and Andalin Bachman, Doug Adams, George Grant, Brett Angus Bowen, Rajab Juma, Rami Ziadeh, and Amy Schuster. I chose track two on CD one, "Celt-itelli," and track 10, "Sage Dancer." Please listen, and then own this wonderful set. Total time :2:31:24"

Online review from citysearch.com ~ by Tim Haran

"Ours is a fast-paced society focusing predominately on finished product rather than the process taken to achieve the final result. In such a world, it's sometimes difficult to relax and find the inner peace essential for good health, positive attitude and general well-being. Salt Lake City-based new age artists Desert Wind is doing their part to minimize stress in the lives of listeners everywhere. Their collection of soothing tribal rhythms and wondrous Middle Eastern chants found on ''World Dance'' is enough to create peace within one's own mind, body and soul."

Ladyslipper, All Music Guide

Desert Wind - World Dance (2-CD Set) This 1999 2-for-the-price-of-1 compilation presents some of the best dance music honoring the Goddess from their 4-CD set Sarasvati, with the addition of the all-new Power Flute. It contains over 2.5 hours music, 32 tracks which feature various rhythms from all over the world (and they are all named on the back cover). CD #1 is instrumental (flutes, mandolins, dumbeks, tablas and more), while CD #2 includes female vocals on songs ranging from the Om Tara chant to the Latin American song La Llorona (Weeping Woman), to Mother of Light .

She is a Tree of Life
"In Review" Music Design Summer 2001 through 2002 catalog:

Sounds of Renewal: Holy Chutzpah! ~ by Rabbi Ya'acov Gabriel (from TIKKUN magazine, September/October 1999)

"Another kind of muscular, millennial music comes from Alan Scott Bachman and his group Desert Wind. On his double CD, She is a Tree of Life (available via deswind@aol.com or Desert Wind, P.O. Box 3722, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110) the focus seems mythological and political. You can hear Middle Eastern chant, belly dance sensuousness, and classic rock influences, as well as lyrics that sing of repairing the world. It's very cool to have Jewish music that's this sexy and anthemic.

It reminds me of The Who when they were making records that were larger than life and happily rebellious. The power chords on this recording are mostly on Alan's keyboards. The power and grandeur of the sound comes from the Hebrew verses Alan highlights and from his Desert Wind Singers, who do a kind of Temple Priestess vocalese. It's clear the songs are to God, but this face of the Divine, so feminine and lush, is often overlooked in our tradition.

What can I say? I'm seduced. I like it a lot. These songs and chants are a gift to those of us who like to dance as we pray. I encourage you to get these recording and to play them loud. They have a strong pulse and a hot core, and they groove the body as well as the mind. As we enter 5760 and a new millennium, we will need all the vigor we can fit into our spirituality. Baruch HaShem, than the Nameless One, for inflammatory and fun recordings like these."

Return to the Goddess: In Chants and Song
PJ's Picks "New Age Music News & Reviews by PJ Birosik

DESERT WIND Return to the Goddess (ASB) "New Thought and the Goddess religion unite on an album brimming with passion and life. Through well-written holistic lyrics and chants, the group creates a vibrant aural environment suitable for ritual dancing or energizing activities. Lead singers Kathryn Warner and Kristen Gygi spread the word over a delicious tribal fusion created primarily by the multi-talented Alan Bachman. Infectious world rhythms underscore the fact that Goddess worship thrived around the globe for thousands of years before the Crone was dethroned by the age of separation . . . so the listener can also celebrate the feminine reawakening. Highly recommended."

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: This group just keeps getting better and better. The duo sound like they were meant to sing together from the cradle, and the material continues to honor and revere the Goddess in her many forms, with her many names. They include Z. Budapest's "From the Goddess" chant, which anyone who's attended a women's spirituality gathering would probably recognize, as well as the life-affirming "Say Yes to Life" and the amazing "Goddess Dance Cycle." The music is a bit more acoustic in feeling, with lots of percussion, while maintaining the contemporary feel of the earlier recordings. ~ Ladyslipper, All Music Guide

Kali Ma: Dances of Transformation
from "Sound Choices" Music Reviews

Kali Ma: Dances of Transformation by Desert Wind, Alan Scott Bachman, 1992 Kali Ma teaches us to laugh at our fears and dance through the fires in our lives. Kali Ma teaches us that death is an integral part of life. The fallen fruit decomposes in the winter and fertilizes new life in the spring. Kali Ma teaches us of the universal source of creation and destruction.

Excellent for dancing - especially belly dancing.
Base rhythms are classical Middle Eastern.

Gaia, Earth Goddess: Ritual Dances of the Mother
CDs at Wildflowers Unique Books and Gifts

Gaia, Earth Goddess by Desert Wind -
This album of ritual dances of the ancient universal
Earth Mother, Gaia, is a celebration of Her.
Soaring vocals & haunting instrumental themes
encourage the listener to rediscover the goddess
& explore all of life's connectedness to

GAIA: AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Hypnotic, trance Dances of the Mother, mostly electronic keyboards and percussion by female and male musicians, featuring Kristen Gygi on flute and gorgeous vocals (especially when she self-harmonizes). The title chant/song is a loving invocation to the elements: "The earth is my body/Her water is my blood/Her winds are my breath/Her fire is my spirit..." Gygi is a classically trained flutist and vocalist, and more recently a Dianic Priestess with a love of creating rituals. ~ Ladyslipper, All Music Guide

Shekhina Hebrew Goddess: Restoring the Balance
Digitally Remasatered, Renamed and Rereleased in 2007
~ MusD, All Music Guide

Kabbalah Shekhinah

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: The Indian musical influence of the sarod and tabla is unmistakable in Shekhina, Hebrew Goddess by Desert Wind. The underlying theme of this deeply spiritual work, masterminded by Alan Scott Bachman, is the need to restore a balance to our spiritual lives. It is music with soul-searching meaning for an active meditative state of mind. For the pure music lovers, there is exotic music galore: rich and spicy Indian melodies with an Oriental matrix overlaid with Western rhythms on guitar and synthesizer. Religious and world music aficionados will recognize and enjoy the sound of the shofar or ram's horn in "Goddess of Peace."

Aisling's Discography: "Shekhina, Hebrew Goddess: Restoring the Balance" Desert Wind. Produced by Alan Scott Bachman 1993. This is a collection of original music and traditional tunes centered around the Hebrew Goddess-figure Shekhina, who is considered to be the manifestation of divine energy. The liner notes are scholarly, informative and extensive. Twenty-two musicians playing fifty or so different instruments...the sound is sometimes Middle Eastern (there are some pieces suitable for belly dancing) sometimes Celtic, sometimes New Age. Harp has fun on cuts 1, 6, and 8 through 10. I had a lot of fun with this one and it was a real change of pace for a Celtic harper. See what you think!

LADY SLIPPER REVIEW: Desert Wind - Shekhina, Hebrew Goddess This 1993 release, subtitled Restoring the Balance, is about Shekhina, the Hebrew Goddess of the Kabbala; the music and lyrics contain a blend of Middle Eastern, Spanish, Celtic, and Hindustani influences... about half in Hebrew and half in English. Sources are Old Testament, Talmud and Kabbalistic writings, showing the survival of the triple goddess in the basic foundations of Judaism. Extensive liner note; a full 79 minutes in length; unique and recommended! Cassette: 9.98...CD: 15.98

Flute Fest

Click here for ~ Flute Fest REVIEWS

Following is one of many more reviews that can be found at the above link:

Fantastic Fantasy Flute Music 01/17/04 Beautiful, relaxing and upbeat all at the same time, this album is a first in combining American Jazz Flute with Mediterranean style rhythms and scales. ~Great for dancing and dreaming! (This CD was dedicated "to the dancers, dreamers and believers who awakened this flute fantasy.") Desert Wind takes flute music to a new level with this fun flute CD. Starting with the thunder of "Parthenogenesis" and ending with a rock flute / guitar duo, this Flute CD rocks! ~But wait! It's also jazzy and lyrical all at the same time. This is the kind of CD you want to put on for a road trip! Andalin's flute work is spectacular as she spontaneously weaves jazz and Middle Eastern scales over funk bass in "Downtown Beladi". That song alone is worth this CD! Then there is the surprising take on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" where Desert Wind added a flute part, drums and even tablas! Go figure. (!But then again, Desert Wind is famous for tribal fusion, world-beat innovations in music.) No wonder the dedication also includes a tribute to Miles Davis and Ludwig Van Beethoven in the same breath! Buy this CD! :) AOLCustomer Review by "FluteMusicNow", NYC Flute Fest 01/18/04 Definitely a mixture of genres and influences, we are pleased to present this new release by Desert Wind. The album offers more passionate world beat dance music featuring Andalin's flute in a powerful and exotic blend of jazz, rock, world beat and ever evolving Middle Eastern & Mediterranean tribal fusion. The flute is accompanied by piano, keyboards, tabla, conga, bass, guitar and an impressive array of percussion instruments. ~ Goldenrod Music, www.goldenrod.com
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~ JAREEDA Magazine Review, May, 2004

Christmas: Rhythms of the Holy Land
Click here for ~ Christmas: Rhythms of the Holy Land REVIEWS
Following is one of many more reviews that can be found at the above link:

  "The mood is joyful and optimistic. The message is celebration and hope. The genre is a blend of new age and world music. Getting right to the point with a full-bodied, toe-tapping Joy to the World, Desert Wind effectively combines the musical traditions of the Middle East and the Caribbean. This is followed by the most strangely exotic Little Drummer Boy I can remember. Particularly novel is the application of Middle Eastern rhythm, percussion and winds to western carols. My unfamiliarity with the instruments precludes much discussion, but it left me with an impression of happily hypnotic harmonies. Joined by guest artists Rami Ziadeh, Jonathan Kessler, and Rajab Juma, Desert Wind produces a sound which includes, instills, and integrates the rhythmic elements of many cultures. Also, unique to this CD are three of Alan Scott Bachman's seasonal compositions: Christmas Peace, Tikkun Olam, and the seductively soothing Dance of the Angels. My take on Christmas: Rhythms of the Holy Land is that this is Christmas music as it was meant to be heard: exotic and percussive, weaving together the traditions of east and west, and accessible to all. Seasonal without being cloying, it will be one of those CDs that can be played as early as November and on into the new year." --Richard Banks  

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